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About us

About us

Well, I am a local man who was born in satun. I have spent my childhood in Satun up until I was 18 years old. Then I stayed in Songkhla for about 4 yours to get my degree in Physics.

Later, I went to the UK for higher degrees. Then I came back to work as a lecturer in a government funded university for a few years and then continued my carrier as a researcher in a government science institute.

Currently I am working as a freelancer as well as a farmer. As I used to live in a foreign country before so I know how it feels not to be among your own kinds.

Therefore, I came up with an idea for all foreigners who happen to stay in Satun or nearby provinces and may face some difficulties in obtaining legal advice.

I am not a lawyer myself, otherwise I can not write articles and publish on the website like this. But as a law-abiding citizen I know what should and should not do. So my purpose is to make you know what I know. I have done my personal research on various topics, read many local forums and consult my lawyer friends in order to get the most accurate insight of particular issues.

However, if you need legal advice you should contact lawyer qualified in the area of law concerned. I could direct you to such person if you need my help. But I know that contacting a law firm to sort out your particular issue is costly. Therefore, I am here to help you out with lower financial burden to you (if any).

You can call me anytime for preliminary advice or consultation if it is beyond my ability then I can guide you to an appropriate directions.

Please enjoy your stay in Satun.

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  1. Do you have contact information for a legal notary? I prefer in Satun as close to Langu as possible would be great! 🙂 Thanks for any info.

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