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Can landlord lock my house if I am behind in rent

Can landlord lock my house if I am behind in rent

If you rent a house or apartment for a long term stay you may wonder what rights you will have. What if your landlord lock you out from your room/house when you are behind your payment. Please read on.

In many developed countries, the locking of tenant’s property can only be done in order to get in contact with you. The landlord must always provide the opportunities for the tenant to obtain access to the leaded premises all the time.

However, Thai’s law works differently. It depends on what is being written in your leased agreements.

What you can do is to study your leased agreement thoroughly. You may find that the agreements is written in Thai, so you have to find a trusted Thai friend to translate it for you.

Check the wording in the agreement say something like this:

If the tenant (renter) is behind in payments, the tenant will allow the landlord to lock the room or will allow the landlord to move tenant’s belongings out of the room without prior notice

If those lines do exist then you have a slim chance to regain access to your premise without paying the rental debt.

But, if you can not find those lines in your leased agreement then it would be a different story. In this case you may contact the police to press charge on your landlord for the physical invasion of private property.

Just go to your nearest police station and explain to the officer about your situation and don’t forget to have your lease agreement in hand.

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