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Private sector urge government to limit Phuket’s tourist

Private sector urge government to limit Phuket’s tourist

Private sector in Phuket has come up with an idea to limit number of tourists in Phuket in order to ease the overcrowded city and to reduce crime

Mr. Krisada Tunsakul the Head of Southern Thai Hotel Association (THA) said after the meeting with Tourism and Sport Minister that there should be a limitation to the number of tourists visiting Phuket. And that government should support a more qualitative tourism for the big spender tourists because currently Phuket is facing a mount of tourist and higher crime rates

The main problems come from illegal hotel business that has sprung up all over Phuket that take advantage of lower operation costs by not doing everything by the book. Such that those (illegal) hotels can offer more competitive prices or even dictate the group tour market which drive the room rates down.

Today Phuket has about 70,000 rooms available and 60% of those are not legally operate. The hotel that put the sign up as a “Hotel” but not legally registered as a hotel account for around 40% of the total number of Phuket’s hotel.

These hotels are operated by foreigners which would have their customers in hand mainly from China and Russia.

So THA is urging the government to tighten the law and to encourage those business to legally register their service and maintain order.

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