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What can I do to get even with my abusive landlord

What can I do to get even with my abusive landlord

Generally your relations with the landlord might not be as bad as it seems to be. However, if you feel that you are being treated unfairly and you don’t really know what to do about it, here is some small advice.

Abusive landlords can be found everywhere. Especially if you are a foreigner some landlords may think that you don’t know anything about the Thai’s law regarding the issues surrounding the house/room rental.

Therefore, they tend to threaten you with legal actions if you do not pay them or if you don’t move out. In certain cases, the landlord even ask the police to talk to you or harass you of which you can insist on your rights.

This is because if either party is breaking the leased agreement between you and the landlord, then it is considered to be a civil offense. It is not a criminal offense, therefore, police has nothing to do about it.

The landlord will have to hire a private lawyer and take this case for a civil lawsuit. Fortunately for most of the cases the cost of hiring a lawyer is far greater than what you actually own the landlord.


As a tenant, the law is on your side. The court order is needed to evict you out of your room/house. Thai law protects you not the landlord. Therefore, you can stay without paying for several months but please bare in mind that you might that if you lose the case you may have to pay all the rents plus damages plus interests.

Nevertheless, this will give you some idea of why the landlords will do their best to kick you out of the room rather than take your case to the court.

So you might end up being locked out of the house/room as being pointed out in previous article which landlord has the rights to do so.

How to get even with the landlord

If the landlord locked you out you can still press charge against them for invasion of private property. The trick is that once you gain access to your house/room you just take your valuable items with you and leave some items of no value behind.

For example, just leave boxes of cloths, dishes, glasses and some unwanted items in the room and take photograph of them. If the landlord locked your room or entered your room and removed those items from your room without your consent, then landlord was breaking the law.

If the that action was done by more than 2 people (3 upwards) then the case would even be more serious.

The entering in to your room/house without your consent is considered a criminal offense. You should take video or photo of them inside your room/house, or a photo of your items which have been removed out of your room and go to nearest police station.

The offense is called “Invasion of private property” or “book-rook” in Thai. You don’t have to hire a lawyer in this case because it is a criminal offense so the police will need to take action against the landlord. It will give you an upper hand for negotiation you can even demand a compensation for you to drop the charge. This charge has a time frame of 3 months starting from the date that you aware of the incident.

So to sum up, if you have a lease agreement with you then you are protected by Thai law. The landlord can not just trow your belongings out of your room because its a criminal offense to enter your room without your consent. The landlord needs court order to evict you out of your resident. Police has nothing to do with this issue unless either party breaks the law.

What you should not do which will be considered as breaking the law are:
– Damage anything outside of your resident.
– Entering rooms/places other than your property.
– Bodily contact with anyone during the argument.
– Take anything out which is not yours.

Finally, know your rights and take legal advice before you going to do anything. The law here in Thailand may works differently from what you have experienced in your own country.

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