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Why it takes long time for police to arrive at the scene of crime

Why it takes long time for police to arrive at the scene of crime

You may wonder why in Thailand after calling police for help but it took very long time for them to arrive at the scene or even not showing up at all.

Well, this is a common problem for Thais as well as foreigner as the man power of police force may not be upto international standard. Due to the structure of the Police department, each police unit may have to cover wider area than expected.

Additionally, compensation packages for police force might not be as good as what you may have experienced in your country. Therefore, at any given time, there could be only few police officers that is on duty to response to any incidents.

You would expect the police to come and visit the scene real fast only in few cases for example:
– murder scene
– serious traffic accident
– fire at big building/place
– dead body found
– shooting scene

Apart from incidents shown above you may or may not see the police coming to visit the scene and asking questions. Sometimes, you may have to wait for several hours for the police to come. This is quite normal as the lower the seriousness of the crime the less priority that it is being given.

Therefore, if you want to report the crime and you are the victim of that crime you have a better chance of getting faster response by visiting the nearest police station.

At the police station there will always be some police officer that can give you answer of what to do and how long you should wait for the officer in charged at a particular time.

The conclusion is that if leaving the crime scene won’t jeopardise the situation you should visit the nearest police station to report the crime.

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